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Cleveland, Ohio native Eric Nolan’s new solo album, Mood Swing, debuts on July 20, 2014 at the Ariel International Center. Red Carpet takes place at 6:30 p.m., followed by a live music and a meet and greet with Nolan at 7:00. The Ariel International Center is located at 1163 E 40th St, Cleveland, OH 44114. For more information about the July 20 release of Mood Swing, including ticket prices and availability, please visit
Listen to Eric Nolan and his newly released single “Reminds Me” being played on Sirius Satellite Radio, on the Heart and Soul station.
Charlie Wilson's CD "Love Charlie" is in stores now..number 8 & 11 was written by my partner Jayshawn Champion and myself Eric Nolan Grant..let me know what you think about the songs we wrote..songs entitled "Show You" & "Say" and if u like only those songs u can purchase those separately lol #imjustsayin. - Eric Nolan

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Check out the November 2012 Issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine featuring Eric Nolan. You will find this great read in the CELEBRITY AVENUE section pg. 32 within this publication.
To gain more insight on B.W.R Creator and Artist, review the featured article: An In Depth Look Into Eric Nolan Grant: The Music Inside The Man.

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In the summer of 2012
Boy Wonder Records released singles from solo artist Eric Nolan, R & B groups G-Men and the soulful Nehemie and Billy Rich. Boy Wonder Records was founded by Eric Nolan Grant with the musical expertise from song writer & producer Jayshawn Champion. Champion is widely known for writing and creating the lyrics for the duet single "Same Girl" performed by R. Kelly and Usher.